“The Journey of Parenting is the Journey of Self-Discovery”~ mother of five kids

Welcome to my new blog on parenting!

Here you will find support, insights, and information for the most important and most challenging thing you will ever do: parenting. You and I are raising the next generation and what could be more important!

On my blog I will share what I’ve learned over the years as a mother, a social worker, and as a credentialed parent educator with LAUSD. I have two children, a son and a daughter now ages 22 and 17.  My son just graduated from college and is trying to find work in a tough economy. My daughter is a senior in high school and soon to leave home for college next fall.  And yes, I’m still married to the same man for 28 years. He is about to retire. Lots of change in 2011 in our family. But that’s life, it keeps changing. It doesn’t stand still as much as we may want it to, and hopefully we keep learning and growing in the process.

How fast our kids grow up when we look back at all the years we have invested in raising them. I believe “the journey of parenting is the journey of self-discovery” and I hope what I have discovered along the way will help you in your journey of parenting too.

I will also keep you informed of current parent workshops, seminars, and/or retreats I am offering in case you might like to attend. I will also periodically post some of my helpful handouts that parents have appreciated. You may copy and distribute my handouts as long as you give me credit somewhere on the page with my name and email or cell.

I also have a brochure that explains in more detail the services I offer parents. If you would like to receive it, please send me your mailing address or I can email it to you.

I look forward to “blogging” more with you.

Here’s to parenthood and the journey of self-discovery……

About Linda Marten, MSW

Linda Marten is a California Credentialed Parent Educator since 1998, a former LAUSD parent educator & teacher advisor for 14 years, and a Member of the California Teachers Association (CTA) . She holds a Masters degree in Social Work from University of Washington and has extensive experience teaching and training parents and teachers. Linda leads interactive, informative workshops for parents, youth, and teachers from diverse socio-economic, racial and cultural backgrounds focusing on numerous issues related to parenting as well as helping youth who want to stop being bullied. Ms. Marten is a "bully expert" and has had great success teaching youth the "Bullies to Buddies" method developed by Izzy Kalman, school psychologist. After extensive practice & training with Izzy Kalman, Linda became a certified "Bullies to Buddies" Trainer in 2017. Linda provides private sessions by appointment. She is also the mother of two children.
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1 Response to “The Journey of Parenting is the Journey of Self-Discovery”~ mother of five kids

  1. kellysalasin says:

    Congrats on your blog, Linda.
    Many happy returns!


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