• Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Washington (1978).
  • Founder, “Get Help Parenting”, specializing in parenting skills & resiliency training. Additional expertise in teaching kids (& adults) how to stop being teased & bullied; at school, work, home, etc.
  • California Credentialed Parent Educator since 1998.
  • Member of California Teachers Association (CTA).
  • Certified “Bullies to Buddies” Trainer, by Izzy Kalman, New York school psychologist.
  • Extensive experience teaching & training parents and teachers.
  • Leads interactive, fun, informative workshops for parents and teachers from diverse socio-economic, racial & cultural backgrounds.
  • Mother of two children.

I know what parents go through. I’ve lived through the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage and midlife. I bring experience, understanding, strength, humor and hope to parents and kids.”    Linda Marten


Parenting Workshops and Presentations

Individual Parent Coaching

Resiliency Training for victims of bullying

In-Service Trainings for teachers and business professionals



  • Parenting the Teenager
  • Stress and Parenting
  • Conflicts, Communication Skills, & Setting Limits
  • The Teen Brain
  • Kids and Technology
  • Transition to Middle School & Puberty
  • How to Stop Being Bullied (a new approach to an old problem)
  • Parenting the Child with Special Needs
  • Protecting Children from Child Abuse
  • Understanding Substance Abuse and Addiction
  • Transition to the “Empty Nest” (when the kids leave home)

2 Responses to About

  1. Lorne Simpson says:

    Hello Ms Marten,
    My name is Mr Simpson and i wanted to know if do group assemblies for middle school students about bullying. I also wanted to book you for a parent workshop about cyber bullying I can give you details about times and dates.


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