I just want to share the words of some parents who have attended my workshops for parents of teenagers:

“This is just what I’ve been looking for, Linda. Thank you so very much.” Afro-American Father of teenage boy

“Thank you so much. I will take time off work so I can come to your next workshop.” Latino Father of Middle School child

“Before this workshop my son wouldn’t talk to me. In just 3 sessions I learned how to open up the communication between me and my son. I’m happy. My son talks to me now. Thank you, Linda, for teaching me how to listen more and talk less.”  Latino Father of a High School boy

“I’m more patient now that I understand the teenage brain. Thank you, Ms. Marten. You helped me be better parent.” Mother of teenager, (new to this country)

About Linda Marten, MSW

Linda Marten is a California Credentialed Parent Educator since 1998, a former LAUSD parent educator & teacher advisor for 14 years, and a Member of the California Teachers Association (CTA) . She holds a Masters degree in Social Work from University of Washington and has extensive experience teaching and training parents and teachers. Linda leads interactive, informative workshops for parents, youth, and teachers from diverse socio-economic, racial and cultural backgrounds focusing on numerous issues related to parenting as well as helping youth who want to stop being bullied. Ms. Marten is a "bully expert" and has had great success teaching youth the "Bullies to Buddies" method developed by Izzy Kalman, school psychologist. After extensive practice & training with Izzy Kalman, Linda became a certified "Bullies to Buddies" Trainer in 2017. Linda provides private sessions by appointment. She is also the mother of two children.
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