Pursuing Possibilities …

It all started with an Osprey …

It all started that day I saw an Osprey in a tree. I hadn’t seen one since I lived in Oregon, over 40 years ago.

It was a lovely spring day in Southern California, near a small town that overlooked the ocean. I arrived early to attend a Meetup group event at a small art museum. While I waited, I walked around the grassy wild open fields teaming with tall green grasses & purple wild flowers blooming after many days of rain. My body began to relax more and more as I walked the path beside the green, taking in the fresh air & nature all around me. I felt like I was home, closer to nature than I’d been in a very long time.

You see, I’ve lived the past 40 years in a more congested, busy part of Los Angeles next to an airport where the real estate was more affordable. Forty years ago, I came here for my husband’s great job offer.

After the Meetup event, we all walked around the lovely grounds. Then someone said, “Look! There’s an osprey!” Sure enough, there it was sitting on top of an old bare tree. Something stirred in me when I saw that bird. The last time I saw an osprey was when I was a young summer camp counselor in Oregon, sleeping under the stars by the Sandy River, with nothing between me & the earth but a sleeping bag. I recall we woke in the morning to see a huge osprey sitting on top of a tall old snag, on the opposite side of the river, it’s breast a bright white in the morning light.

I lingered long after the Meetup group departed. I felt a deep longing to live closer to nature as I did long ago. I decided I’d pursue the possibility of living in this small town area where the osprey lived. When I got home, I emailed friends who lived in that area. They responded with lots of helpful information, but something about the town just didn’t feel right.

Then other friends suggested I consider their neighborhoods. They lived in nice apartments closer to trees and parks, but something still didn’t feel right.

Then one night as I was getting into bed, I picked up my new nightly affirmations book on my nightstand.

“Begin with Yes, Nightly Affirmations”
Paul Boynton

I turned it over to look at the back cover, and I started to cry.

The back cover
“Begin with Yes, Nightly Affirmations”

I saw tall Douglas Fir trees against a starlit sky. This was the nature I deeply loved & missed. I grew up under those trees. They were like family. I knew in that moment, I longed to return to my homeland, Oregon. I had a hard time getting to sleep that night.

The next morning I awoke with thoughts of Oregon. Could I really return to Oregon after all these years? I got out of bed, pulled up my comforter and I thought,

“Why not?!”

A big grin grew across my face. Yes, why not. I’m more free now than I’ve ever been & soon I’ll be turning 69. Now is my window in time to allow this old dream a chance.

A window in Time

I came to Los Angeles for someone else.

Now, it’s my turn.

I put on my red shoes,

opened the door just a little and took one small step toward pursuing the possibility of returning to Oregon. First, I sent an email to a trusted childhood friend in Oregon, telling her about my dream to return to Oregon & that I seriously wanted to pursue the possibility. She was supportive. Then I emailed another Oregon friend & then another & another & before I knew it, I had a group of encouraging friends. Later, some friends came out of the blue when I least expected it, often with helpful information about Oregon. It all just kept flowing in amazing ways. Even a total stranger said to me one day, “I tell people to keep looking for the open doors.”

It all began with an osprey…..and saying yes to an old dream and then opening the door and taking one small step.

Now I wonder: Will this dream really happen? Will I really move back to Oregon? Where? When? How? …

Some days I’m full of worries & fears & I think maybe I’m crazy to move at my age and start all over in a new town. Then other days I’m full of excitement, enthusiasm & confidence, ready to pursue this very possible possibility.

I invite you to follow along with me if you like, as I explore and pursue the possibilities of moving to Oregon.

I’ll be traveling to Oregon in a few weeks to explore where I might like to live, and writing about what I discover as I walk into the scary & exciting unknown.

“Lions & tigers & bears, oh my!”
Wizard of Oz

Facing fears as I walk into the Unknown
wearing my RED SHOES.

27 responses to “Pursuing Possibilities …”

  1. Linda, I’m so happy for you. I’m so excited about you pursuing your dream. I love Paul’s Nighttime Affirmations. It’s a beautiful book and it always inspires me. Congratulations on this new journey.
    I look forward to following you with your writings on this journey.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this touching story with me. Beautifully written. If you go with no fear of the unknown you will find what’s right. The seed has been planted in the richest soils. All you have to do now is feed and water and watch it grow and soon it will bloom.
    A little tidbit; I had the opportunity to travel to Oregon for the first time a couple yrs ago. The ride up was incredible. Stayed in a home on the beach for a week then headed to my friends home town of Mc Minville for another week. On my early morning walk with my dog I took in the moss, the scrubs, the greenery and the moist air made me feel like I could stay here forever.

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    • Thank you Linda! I appreciate your wise, poetic words, “The seed has been planted in the richest soils. All you have to do now is feed and water and watch it grow and soon it will bloom.” Beautifully said! Your trip to Oregon sounds wonderful. It’s best to travel there in the warmer months. Winters are cold & cloudy with lots & lots of rain, but that’s what makes it so green!
      Thanks for taking the time to write me a reply. Great to hear from you! Best wishes to you! ❤️🌲🌲🌲


    • What an insightful comment to an insightful post! I like how you pointed out one of the most powerful emotions, it reminds me of a what H. P. Lovecraft has said “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”
      Well said and well done Linda(s)!

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  3. I went to Linfield College(now University) my first year out of high school and fell in love with the whole area. It’s so close to the beach, which I miss, and yet close enough to be with friends in other towns near by. I still miss bike riding around the fields and farms. Thank you for sharing and being courageous about a new move, a new life. Sheryl H

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  4. Reblogged this on EVELYN KRIEGER and commented:
    I had been thinking about this very idea when Linda Marie Marten’s beautiful post landed in my inbox today. For me, 2022’s theme was “say yes to life”. I wanted to push myself to explore more, try new things, visit new places, and face some of my fears.

    As I continue on this path of pursuing possibility, I find more doors opening. I now glimpse a wider horizon than my post trauma brain could never envision.

    I delighted in reading about Linda’s bold move, as well as discovering our shared love the color red. I also have a pair of favorite red shoes!

    I hope Linda Marten’s post will inspire you, too, whatever your age or circumstance.

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    • Oh, Evelyn, thank you so much! I am deeply touched by your comments. I have long admired & respected your blog writings. For you to share my blog post is the greatest compliment.
      I’m grateful that my process in pursuing possibilities somehow synchronized with your process. It confirms to me that we are all much more connected & similar than we realize.

      Wow, you like red shoes too! You might enjoy my earlier blog entitled “Red Shoes.”

      Thanks again and let’s keep on “pursuing possibilities!”

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      • Linda, everything spoke to me in your post–from the red shoes to the stirring photographs, and as I mentioned, it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s really easy to get stuck in our ways, especially as one gets older. We can tell ourselves all sorts of stories about why this or that is not possible (and others will chime in, too). Making these leaps of faith, being open to change, and getting comfortable with uncertainty are facets we can all work to develop. Looking forward to hearing more about your next chapter.

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      • Thank you, Evelyn. I agree that it’s easy to get stuck in our ways, where it feels more comfortable & safe. Even though it is uncomfortable to step out of my comfort zone, I feel more alive & empowered as I keep on taking small steps toward creating the life I want to live.

        I’m surprised how supportive everyone has been in response to my blog post, “Pursuing Possibilities.” In fact, I’ve received more responses to this post than any other. I think it resonates with people because we all have a fear of the unknown that can prevent us from living the life we long to live.

        Knowing my readers and friends are supportive of my steps into the unknown, somehow makes it easier and a lot more fun! 😊


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