Day 1: Pursuing Possibilities in Oregon ~

I flew to Oregon today! On the flight I sat next to a couple who are native Oregonians. They gave me some good info about towns in Oregon. After we landed & exited the plane, I heard lovely, live piano music as I entered the Portland Airport. I walked toward the music & saw a woman playing a shiny, black grand piano. After she finished playing the song, she looked up & saw me standing there. I told her how much I enjoyed hearing her music that greeted me back home to Oregon. She smiled. We chatted awhile & discovered we both grew up in the same neighborhood & were the same age. I bought her CD so I can keep enjoying her lovely piano music.

Next, I followed the signs to baggage claim. On my way there I saw a sign in big black bold letters,


I smiled & kept on walking down the corridor. I found my suitcase passing by on the black conveyor belt, picked it up, then bought a train ticket & got on the Max train.

I enjoy seeing evergreen trees from the train

Early on the train ride, I saw the majestic Mt Hood floating in the clouds.

Later, we passed through downtown Portland & then out into the suburbs where more lush green forests surrounded the train.

I sighed a sigh of relief, to see that luscious green again.

An old friend who lives nearby, met me near the end of the line & took me to get my rental car. It was great to see her again. She’s like family. I’ve know her since childhood.

To my pleasant surprise, AVIS gave me a free upgrade; a lovely brand new RED car! It’s the best car I’ve ever rented. What a coincidence it happens to be red, just like those red shoes of mine that help me walk into the unknown! 😊

My car looks kinda like this, but not a Mercedes!

After my friend helped me load my luggage into the trunk, I thanked her and we parted until we meet on Saturday.

Then I drove to another friend’s home where I will stay this week. On my way, I stopped & bought her a bouquet of yellow & white carnations.

She had a yummy salmon dinner baking in the oven as I arrived.

Her two daughters were busy in the kitchen making dinner for her birthday & for my visit. It was the first time I met her grown daughters. They have their mother’s big beautiful smile & warm hugs. We all hit it off immediately with much talk & laughter around a large round wooden dining room table. To top it off, we had coffee ice cream for dessert, my favorite!

I have been anxiously preparing for this trip the past two months, and now I have finally arrived. Seeing so many green trees today, I felt my body relax into a familiar sense of home.

There’s something about Oregon, the greens, the smells, the birds songs…

I know deep in my heart, I’m home.

Me at my friend’s lovely home.

Tomorrow I begin my journey exploring towns in Oregon. It feels a bit daunting, but my friend reminds me, “You’ll know” when you find the right town for you.

More will be revealed…

8 responses to “Day 1: Pursuing Possibilities in Oregon ~”

  1. Hi There,

    What a wonderful start to your journey! Can’t wait to here more!

    Tally Ho and Sally Forth!!! 💖💚💙


  2. I really enjoyed your photos and description of how things are going, including the fancy red car like your red shoes.


  3. Linda, I love that your rental car was RED! Thanks for taking us along with you on the amazing trip. You are, by example, teach us all how to dare…<3 Paul

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow -great pictures! I love the one of Mt. Hood and the green forest from the train. Oregon is so beautiful. I hope you have a lovely time finding what feels like home!


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